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Understanding the Basics of Reiki Healing

“Healing without energy depletion.” That is how Reiki was described in 1922 by its originator, a man named Mikao Usui. It combines the practice of palm healing with other methods to move energy throughout the body to restore a person’s health. While there is scant documentation which supports its effectiveness, the methodology has attracted a…

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Understanding The Origins Of Reiki

When you better comprehend the history of Reiki then you better understand why so many are turning to this antique form of relieving today. Reiki is similar to many of the Asian curing fashions in the manner that it also makes use of the sense of touch, particularly the touch of palm, for curing and…

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Understanding Reiki Healings – Part 1 of 3

World’s oldest and most well known energy healing method is “Reiki.” It is believed to have started in India over 4000 years ago It uses subtle energy as a method to deliver the Reiki healings. Quantum physics proves that energy movement, thoughts, focus, prayer, and intent can change the physical reality. Reiki healing is a…

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