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Relaxing Into Reiki – Part 1

REIKI TODAYReiki is an ancient healing art that has recently been re-discovered in Japan. With the resurrection of Reiki in this age of mass and almost instantaneous communication, word of its power is quickly gaining the attention of the mainstream world. The mode of transmission of Reiki energy from a Reiki practitioner to a recipient…

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What Is Reiki? …And How Can Energy Healing Help You? Part 2 of 3

Reiki is a natural healing system that millions around the world are using to balance energy, remove stagnant energy, and restore peace and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit. Since the methods were rediscovered and renamed Reiki by Dr. Usui, people in nearly every country of the world are again using “the laying-on-of-hands” method…

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Understanding Reiki Healings – Part 1 of 3

World’s oldest and most well known energy healing method is “Reiki.” It is believed to have started in India over 4000 years ago It uses subtle energy as a method to deliver the Reiki healings. Quantum physics proves that energy movement, thoughts, focus, prayer, and intent can change the physical reality. Reiki healing is a…

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