Why is Reiki the Easiest Healing modality?

What is the Reiki healing process? Why is it called beyond all human divisions? Reiki energy healing has been around over 4000 years as tool to apply Source energy as an energy healing modality. While it is not a religion or connected to any church it is very spiritual in nature. It heals on the physical mental and emotional levels.

Energy healing is a great tool for depression. Reiki Energy Healing acts not only on physical levels, but also addresses mental, emotional, psychological, genetic, and energetic imbalances. Reiki is entirely compatible with other therapies, healing modalities, and treatments. Many nurses and other health caregivers are adding Reiki to their skills.

Reiki 1 increases the flow of energy into an individual. Your ability to flow healing energy will increase up to 20 percent with each attunement to Reiki. A Reiki II student can heal on the emotional levels. It used to take years to learn to flow this healing energy. Now a person can learn to flow Reiki in one weekend.

Down through history the normal flow of energy was closed down. Historically and genetically speaking, people who appeared to have special abilities during the ages of persecution were harmed in some way. Remember reading about the burning of witches? This knowledge that flowing a large current of Source Energy would be dangerous to your health because of the punishments received in ancient times may have caused the subconscious mind to close you down in this life.

The tendency for the subconscious mind to protect you may also have been carried over from a past life experience or from your genetic line into your present life. There may be other reasons to explain why you may not be flowing the necessary energy to heal others. For example, your family does not approve or understand.

A computer is hard wired to run windows and your body is hard wired to flow the Reiki healing energy. Flowing Reiki is beyond compare and your life is never the same. In order to flow even more of any healing energy People schooled in Reiki know that an attunement to Reiki is necessary. Everyone benefits from being Reiki.

Reiki is natural, alternative, and a treatment leaves you refreshed! Almost any energy healer has started off by learning Reiki. Reiki blends in with all other healing modalities. Pamper yourself with a Reiki hand-on-healing process. Sign up for a Reiki lesson and feel lighter and more on purpose with your life.

Author Taylore Vance teaches Traditional Usui and Laser Reiki Healing Classes at the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, Washington. Reiki energy combined with a healthy diet and adequate magnesium and other electrolytes contributes to our state of well-being.

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