Healing With Spiritual Energies

This therapy attributes the well-being of a person, whether it be physical or spiritual, by enhancing the life forces that are within him or that are affected by him from the outside.

When something bad happens at home, you can not just brush it off when you go to work especially when it seems to be too big a deal. What happens when you go to work is that you still think about what happened earlier that day, think about the emotions you felt and you practically feel them again no matter how hard people around you push you to feel otherwise. People have the ability to think of feelings and be actually affected by what they have thought about. There is still debate on what affects first, but that’s another story. The point is everything can be connected to another in this world because each has a way to affect the other.

This lifestyle which is very common to people of the 21st century is accompanied by diseases that surprise even the medical community. However, even if new breeds of illnesses pop up, solutions in the form of pills and technological treatments simultaneously develop. If you have a headache, take an aspirin. There’s no wonder pharmaceutical companies are prospering. But if you have a headache, there is never an assurance that it won’t come back again after taking your medication.What if you try going back to basics and get to the root cause of what’s making you miserable in health or any other aspect of your life? People who have embraced the Eastern philosophy of Reiki, have learned sickness is the product of your life energy being blocked by stress coming from your thoughts, the outside world and the imbalances within your life. From this, the method used to keep the life energy flowing freely is through an alternative form of healing. In Reiki, healing is done where energy is helped to flow through a practice also known as a Reiki Massage. Health is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. In fact, it should be one of the priorities of every individual no matter what life he lives. Having good health is having a balanced lifestyle and that includes eating the right diet and having enough time to recuperate or recharge and balance your life force. More than having a sound body, spiritual balance must also be encouraged. Reiki Masters support meditation, it is when you actually release all your negative thoughts, and break away from the things that give you fear and stress. You can meditate anytime you wish, especially when you already feel burdened by all the troubles in your life and you just need to let your chakras or energy centers spin free.

From here, one must understand that Reiki is not just about physical healing but is also a spiritual practice. But as far as it involves healing physical ailments, tenohira or palm healing leaves anybody who is not feeling well a sense of renewed vigor, making this form of alternative medicine effective in some sense.

Kimberlee Cusumano is a Reiki and Spiritual Master Teacher. With years of experience Kimberlee is now into the blogosphere to promote the powerful healing benefits of Reiki, she has also found many disadvantages of Western medicine. Join her newsletter to get a FREE copy of “Reiki for Spiritual Nutrition” only at http://www.TheSecretOfReiki.com.
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