A Reiki Visit to Mount Kurama

Mount Kurama is a very popular mountain in Usui Reiki history. It is located in Kyoto, Japan and it is exactly where Mikao Usui had meditated for twenty-one days prior to receiving the powerful Reiki energy. Reiki masters, practitioners, and learners should all strive to visit Mt. Kurama. But then again, a simple visit isn’t enough. To really feel the powers of the holy mountain, 21-day pilgrimage is necessary.

Mt. Kurama is a place where you can thoroughly feel nature working around you. The mountain itself is sacred. Meditation can happen in almost every spot and in every location. Reiki masters who have been to the mountain are considered lucky – because they surely have felt nature, God, and Reiki working inside them.

Mt. Kurama has two waterfalls. Through it, Dr. Mikao Usui had successfully opened his crown chakra and ultimately received the powers of Reiki. When you visit there now, you will see a shrine just above the waterfalls. Mao son, a deity of the Kurama, is enthroned there. With the water of the falls steadily pouring down, meditation is much easier to achieve. The steady rhythm of the falls is conducive to contemplation. Deep in your meditation, you will feel the pulses and the movements around you being one in your thoughts.

Up Mt. Kurama are several Buddhist temples. It is said that the mountain is a spot that connects heaven to earth. The entire place is inviting, calming, and quiet. It can take you away from the chaos of this world and experience peace from inside and out. Mt. Kurama is oozing with strong energy from all points. All Reiki practitioners should experience what Usui Sensei had felt while he’s up there. The energy of Mt. Kurama is subtle yet complex, broad yet simple. The different energy patterns and frequencies in the area is a proof that Reiki, and everything else it touches, can truly heal. The trees, stones, and waters of the mountain are interconnected with the same energy that influences them in their natural existence.

If you are lucky enough to lead a pilgrimage to Mt. Kurama, light as many candles and incenses as you can. The different temples and shrines over the mountain could transform, touch and shift you into a person that is more open to the powers of Reiki and the all natural elements that embodies it.

Try to spend twenty-one days on top of Mt. Kurama. On your way down, you’ll be an entirely different person. Your energy level would have expanded, deepened, and broadened. During your stay, you might even feel that 21 days is too short to take on all the energy of the entire place. Yet, that span of time is enough for you to experience how it really feels like to be in close contact with nature and Reiki.

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