What is Reiki Massage?

Reiki massage is a form of gentle massage therapy where the massage therapist works on channeling the energies within the body. This type of technique which is common in Oriental types of massage therapies regards energy level as the sole factor which affects the health of an individual.

The massage therapy originated and was developed in Japan in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui. The discovery of the technique was mystical as well as where it was developed. During his stay at Mt. Kuruma (regarded as a sacred mountain in Japan), he was able to discover the healing effects done when the energy from the universe coming from nature itself is channeled into the body.

With this new medical knowledge, Usui began teaching in schools and in the public for other people to experience the healing power of energy. After the great earthquake, more and more people were in need for treatment

Due to its simple and easy to learn principles, steps, and techniques, many people including other massage therapists were able to conduct reiki massage therapies. Anyone who wishes to learn this type of therapy can easily gain knowledge and be able to perform it on their friends and family.

Similar to the belief of balancing “qi” within the body, reiki massage therapists work on balancing the energy to avoid having low life force energy in the patient’s body. Practitioners of this massage method believe that sickness, pain, as well as stress and fatigue are caused by the low level of life force energy within the body. And in order to promote health and build up the body’s natural resistance against all of these, the therapist should be able to balance and correct the life force.

The massage therapy is capable of treating both the physical and emotional condition of a client. The therapy can relieve stress, fatigue and tension from the body which is only performed either with or without the therapeutic touch of the massage therapist. There are patients who say that their conditions including stress and fatigue are relieved even without the touch of the therapist.

During the therapy session, the client remains in his or her clothes and is usually asked to lie peacefully down on a massage table and relax during the therapy. Although the therapy is called a massage therapy, physical contact with the hands of the therapist to the body of the client is not necessary in order to gain benefits and healing during the therapy session. The massage therapist begins by working on his or her therapeutic touch, although as was mentioned above, some sessions do not require any contact from the therapist with the patient at all. Distance sessions are also performed where the patient is relaxing at home and the therapist is working on sending his or her energies from another place which can be near or far from the patient.

Although the method of the therapy may seem quite hard to believe and grasp, most of the patients are satisfied and relieved from the amazing results the technique yields with every session.

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