Reiki Therapy, What is it and How it Works

These days, people’s fascination in alternative medicine therapies is increasing rapidly. Among the vast number of healing modalities prevalent, it is found that Reiki Method of healing has become increasingly preferred all around the world, since scientific experiments have verified the existence of the universal life energy that Reiki Healing is based on. Reiki mode of healing is a dynamic alternative healing method; reiki energy heals on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The term Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a basic acquired healing practice which universal life energy, that spans across our entire universe and all living beings.

Various names are given to this energy – Chinese call is qi or chi in China, Indians call it prana in India, and Japanese call it ki in Japan and this is where the Reiki name derives. Reiki exists in and around the body – outside the body it circulates through the auric field surrounding the body.

The auric body field around the body has long been known to mystics and healers from the East, especially from India. Existence of this energy field has now been verified with recent scientific experiments.

Advancements in research have proven that at the sub atomic level the entire universe is made up of pure energy. This energy gets solidified to produce physical objects. All in our universe is produced by energy.

One is in sound health, when the life energy of that person is in harmony with the universe. Any turmoil obstruction of flow of life force energy will result results in sickness – physical or mental or both. Negative emotions produce illness.

A reiki practitioner channels reiki energy via her hands into the body of the receiver, thereby restoring and balancing the life force energy of the patient.

Our body consists of several levels – the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual level. Reiki Therapy works on all levels and restores harmonious flow of life energy in the receiver. This results in faster healing. So reiki can be considered to be a holistic healing system.

How reiki works on different levels.

At the physical level reiki strengthens the immunity of our body. Functions of glands and organs get balanced with proper application of reiki. Reiki therapy clears blocked energy paths, meridians and restores balance among the chakras. Regular application of reiki with proper guidance can help remove toxins from the body leading to overall better health.

At the emotional level reiki reduces stress. Reiki helps to clear long suppressed emotions thereby helping people achieve mental peace and tranquility.

At the mental level reiki gives you clarity of thought and perception. Understanding comes easily with proper application of reiki. Obstacles seem to dissolve and goal achieving becomes easier with reiki.

At the spiritual level reiki makesone feel connected to God. Regular application of reiki therapy under proper guidance enables one to keep a balanced view in all life situations and take control of one’s life. One feels empowered with reiki.

Learning reiki is simple and easy. You do not require any previous qualifications or academic degrees to learn reiki. Benefits of learning reiki are many. But while learning proper care must be taken to understand what reiki training means and how you can apply it to your life. It is imperative to learn reiki from a truly learned and self realized master . Because understanding and teaching reiki needs a very deep and profound knowledge of energy healing. Not many people can understand or apply reiki in a proper way.

Information on reiki symbols for attunements.. Take reiki initiation from a well known and reputed teacher only to avoid physical and mental complications later.
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