Reiki Healing – Replenish and Restore Body and Soul.

These days, Reiki healing is one of the better known alternative medicine practices. With roots in ancient India, its modern expression goes back to Japan in the late 1800s.

Reiki is useful for both healing the spirit and the body, and works well with other healing methods. Reiki won’t bring harm, so it’s an excellent option to speed healing.

Reiki healing is a spiritual practice. That’s a bit vague so let me explain. It is healing done by one spirit for another (or for itself). As with any other form of energy healing, it seeks to balance the energy system first, and thus helps take care of the body.

The practical side of this, is that energy healing in general and Reiki healing in particular is well suited for healing a wounded heart.

As we go through life, the bumps and bruises we get take their toll. As time goes on, they can weigh you down and make wreck your emotional balance and physical wellbeing. Reiki can bring a gentle rain to the parched landscape of painful experiences.

As for healing the body, the effects are subtle and can be profound. The very least that Reiki will do is to relax the body. This alone can do so much. In modern society, we are constantly winding ourselves up: Time pressures are never-ending, we’re constantly loading stimulants into our bodies, and the fight-or-flight reaction is almost always on. Releasing that and letting the body reset is very restorative.

Beyond that, here are a few direct experiences I’ve had with Reiki. Burns have disappeared. Motion sickness has evaporated. Chronic pain has been kept at bay, and reduced over time. Surgery has healed up in a fraction of the time and with minimal painkillers.

While it is quite useful, Reiki healing is best used with other healing methods in combination. Most of the practitioners I know (myself included) use Reiki as part of their practice, not the whole of it. At the same time, modern medicine isn’t to be scorned in favor of Reiki. Instead, get both working in your favor.

Many are concerned about Reiki practitioners slipping up somehow and harming them. Can’t be done. Reiki will not allow itself to be used to harm. On my site I tell a true “sorcerer’s apprentice” type story (starring yours truly). I probably deserved harm, but I was merely gently taught a lesson. Long story short: Reiki won’t harm you.

This is a broad topic, and this article just scratches the surface. From how you can heal over distance and time, to symbols passed from teacher to student, there are lots of aspects of this method to explore.

If you’re looking for a healing method to support other methods, yet is strong and gentle in its own right, I would say that Reiki is definitely worth a look.

About the author: John Allison, a Reiki Teacher, teaches energy healing. For info on Reiki healing or the Reiki healing symbols visit his site and sign up for the monthly bulletin.

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