Importance of Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of spiritual healing available to anyone and everyone. The life force energy in the body is the source of the power we need to conduct balance, harmony and healing in our daily lives; basically, it gives life to cells and organs that support the daily essential functioning of the physical body. In its derivative sense, Reiki means spiritually guided life force.

Reiki uses the idea of the life force energy flowing in our bodies. It aims to clear the channels of chakras and harness our inherent power. For Reiki, healing the self also helps in healing the world. Ultimately it would redound to healing the whole cosmos.

How does the healing process take place?

The common description of a Reiki healing technique is done is by lying of your hands and channeling the energy. A Reiki master or practitioner is trained with techniques and hand positions that target ones energy centers or chakras, clearing any blockages. The energy starts to flows to the direction where healing is needed. Reiki energy is intelligent and knows where it must go as it is a universal directed energy.

Maintaining a positive flow of life force from the centers of chakras is vital to human functioning. This flow is normally disrupted when we have negative thoughts and actions. When we constantly focus our thinking on negativities, the flow of our life force energy is interrupted thereby blocking the flow of energy and healthy functions of our body and mind.

The effect of Reiki is to heal the disrupted parts of the body by countering them with positive energy. Energy healing means that the positive energy is charged in the areas where the negative energy thrives. Since there is an increased vibration in the infected or blocked energy field, the negativities and blockages open up. The channels of chakras are now cleared and cleaned and the normal functioning of life force in the physical body is back to its natural and healthy state and performance.

This is one reason why it is important that we watch and guide our thoughts since it determines our feelings and consequently of our experiences. Our thinking and our feelings about us highly influence the flow of life force energy and energy fields around our body. The quality of our thought then has much to say on the level of our everyday functioning and total wellness.

Why Reiki healing?

Energy healing leads to a total wellness. Not only does it work on the physical wellbeing but also on ones spiritual development. The Reiki healing induces the body is natural way of healing itself. Some of the effects of Reiki healing are the following:
inducing a natural flow of our life force energy.
Increase our reservoir of chakra life force energy.
Supports healthy daily functioning; mentally, physically and spiritually.
promotes total wellness at every level of our lives.

With Reiki healing, we are healing everyday. With positive thoughts radiating in our aura, positive energy resonates in the world and the entire cosmic life. It is we who set the environment for a balanced and healthy living.

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