Feel Like Reborn with Reiki

There is a point in time that people will come to think about the development that we have made. The world, with the vast continents and waters that make it, is unlike any other. The progress can be envied by ancient wisdom for it is in a continuous growth by succeeding against the odds while making history. The only flaw here is that despite the grand civilization that we have now, our people have lost a sense of spirit and of the self.

The spiritual man in each of us is strongly fighting for our attention. Every single day is we are filled with stress and pressure. The brain will never stop working, even at sleep. And even the ordinary man that more than stress from the office or at home, we have deeper concerns-that which we call LIFE.

The inner soul must be healed, the will of the heart must be strengthened and the mind must become conscientious. The answer is a Japanese ancient tradition called Reiki from ‘Rei’ which means the universal divine and ‘Ki’ for heart, mind and soul. Reiki is an art for many, may it be healing or the promotion of well being. It is also creating a thread between the conscious mind of man and the unconscious, which is the spiritual side of him. It is time to harness the energy that we have long been forgetting as a part of us.

Reiki is an alternative medicine that channels the energy of man to the energy of the universe or that which is beyond the thought of man. Through a Reiki master, steps are created to promote happiness and contentment. The master, by tradition, must first pass on the healing symbols in a process of attunement. While learning the techniques to well being, the chakras or the seven centers of the body’s energy will be realigned. By realigning the chakras we are letting the energies flow smoothly and allowing a better sense of wellbeing for the individual.

To realign the chakras, energy healing is the solution that Reiki offers. In this process, meditation and healing massage sessions will be done. Meditation is most revered in reconnecting our system into one total body as it also promotes inner peace. The healing massage, on the other hand must always be done by a massage therapist who knows the proper and correct techniques from the Reiki art of healing.

Reiki is completely safe as an alternative medicine because it promotes natural ways of healing. It energizes the soul while touching the inner you in order to promote a complete healing of the total body. As you develop the self, you will gain a sense of happiness, contentment and fulfillment. You will be able to forget the worries and stress that you currently feel, in an instant. Everybody needs to pause, even for a little while. Your life is about to change in a single visit to the Reiki master. Believe you can fight the odds and be born again. Life can never be better after undergoing the process of the alternative medicine called Reiki.

Kimberlee Cusumano is a Reiki and Spiritual Master Teacher. With years of experience Kimberlee is now into the blogosphere to promote the powerful healing benefits of Reiki. Find out how The Secret Of Reiki can change your life and join her newsletter to get a FREE copy of “Reiki for Spiritual Nutrition” only at http://www.TheSecretOfReiki.com

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