Dos and Don’ts of Reiki


Reiki is a divine practice having qualities which make people prefer it over any other spiritual practice, advantages like healing stress and tension, curing addiction, bringing peace to the lives of the people, helping them achieve their goals, maintaining peace and love are just some on the list. To make sure we get a complete hand over all these advantages, we need to be confident enough in carrying out the practice of Reiki which we can learn from Reiki classes in Delhi; and for this, we need to know the dos and don’ts of a session of this holy practice. In brief, for a Reiki session it’s important to initially find a place to start the required structure, then what counts the most is the experience; hence we must try to get as many chances as we can in order to gain maximum experience. We can also join Reiki courses in Delhi to enhance our knowledge of it; it’s also important for us to know that writing thoughts makes the circulation of energy in a proper way. Needless to say, we should ask for feedbacks from the clients making sure they like our service and if they don’t, we can improve it for our betterment. Coming up now to the don’ts of this practice, please keep in mind that your foremost aim is to win the hearts of the clients and not their pockets, do not rush, make the clients feel that they are important to you, focus on your delivery of session and in the end, keep in touch with them and clear away all their questions every now and then.


A spiritual practice helping people out of stress is what we can exactly define Reiki as. It’s basically a Japanese word for Cosmic healing energy which has been helping people since 1922 and was developed by a Japanese Buddhist. Transforming the universal energy into peace, it provides the body with a state of equilibrium. It can be learnt and practiced by anyone, Reiki Training in Delhi is an emerging concept today.


* Find a place to start the setup for the practice-
The best option is to choose your home as the required place if permitted, else find an optimum place to start it.
* Gain experience-
Give yourself every possible experience in this practice, for example- practice the session by helping people in hospitals and other places with Reiki because every small experience counts in addition to the big ones.
* Pen down your thoughts-
Write down all the things related to Reiki, even the appointments with the clients; this helps in linking the energy in you to the client; and as it’s all about energy, try to relate everything to some form of energy present there.
* Look forward to maximum number of clients-
Open a small school or invest in some place where you can find a good number of people interested to take the session from you; it will help you increase your setup.
* Ask for feedback-
Make your clients give you their feedback; work on it and improve the delivery of your session in order to bring the best of the possible levels.


* Rush the Reiki session-
Just in order to earn money, don’t compromise with clients’ satisfaction; work in accordance with the clients and to achieve their faith and not their money, because as Reiki practitioners we need to understand that their health and emotions lie far above than money.
* Forget your clients-
Follow up your clients and don’t forget them once you have delivered the session. Make them feel they are important to you personally and not only professionally. This will not only make the clients think they are worthy enough, but will also make you more dedicated towards your work.
* Spend too much on advertising-
Rather than spending too much on advertising and promotion, try to focus more in the delivery session because this is what brings back your clients.
* Charge more initially-
Meditate all your efforts into getting experienced rather than charging more money from the clients. So charge less, give more.
* Stop the Reiki classes in Delhi after the completion of the session-
Once the Reiki classes are complete, make sure you keep in touch with your clients by answering their doubts via mails or calls; and make sure it’s free of charge so that maximum number of people can be in touch with you.

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