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Reiki, a spiritual practice which has been and still is helping many out of stress and problems might be a new word for many; but for others it’s a solution to their entire lives. It’s a Japanese word for Cosmic healing energy. Developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist, it is basically considered as a transformation of universal energy through the palms in the form of qi; this further helps in self-healing and aids in achieving a state of equilibrium. Being simple yet extremely powerful practice, it can be learnt and practiced by anyone irrespective of the skills required.


Reiki has evolved as an emerging practice in all areas of India, especially Delhi. Traditional Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki are considered as two main classifications of this practice. The teachings of Reiki is done in the following three degrees:
* First degree
* Second degree
* Third degree
Reiki, a quick fix practiced in Delhi is generally western Reiki and is done in a way treating the whole body instead of specific areas whereas in traditional method weekly meditation meetings take place where Reiki is given and the body is scanned so that energetic diagnosis can be supplied. Delhi being the capital of India serves the maximum number of practitioners in India.
First degree:
First degree teaches the fundamental procedures and methods, in addition to this the students learn the methodologies from the teachers on how to place their hands for the specific treatment on the recipient’s body; it is then further applied on others.
Second degree:
Second degree basically deals with the symbols used to enhance the strength and distance over which Reiki is applied. Regardless of location and time, this use of symbols create a connection between the practitioner and the recipient.
Third degree:
Third degree or the final degree is the one where the student becomes the Reiki practitioner; and once the student becomes the master, he can teach other people the same degrees which he has learnt during his course of time.
Following are some of the training centers in Delhi:
* Institute of Self-Empowerment
* Mudra Holistic Healers
* Aura Reiki Center
* Divine Energy
Root causes of problems in our lives lie in our mind and mind being the controller of our lives gets stabilized once Reiki is applied; it is hence the mantra to balance our lives. The centers of Reiki in Delhi help to advance the concentration and memory power. It can also be used for the below stated:
* To heal stress and tension
* To cure addiction
* To achieve any goal
* To enhance love and peace
Reiki has not only helped many balance their lives, but has also helped others know how beautiful and significant one’s life is and can be.

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